PHP Web Development Podcast with Mathew Kimani.

Ep #3 - Why Symfony

May 22, 2018

This week I have the pleasure of speaking to Dan Blows ,Currently a tech lead, he has done some really cool stuff, he's in the top 3% on stack overflow, in the top 10% of PHP developers in Europe, speaking at meet ups , spoke in the European conference in front of 100's of people, training and mentoring junior developers and many more. Dan will be answering questions such as why Symfony?  For a PHP developer who’s coming into development, would he recommend them to learn symphony and Laravel? Some of the biggest companies in the UK are they using Symfony ?  Security with the Laravel and Symfony framework? Advice for PHP developers who want to get into Symfony or work into a Symfony environment. What is the future of Symfony?. He will have some advice for companies who may want to hire PHP developers without Symfony experience and what they should look out for.