PHP Web Development Podcast with Mathew Kimani.

Ep #4 - The Importance of Getting a Mentor for PHP Developers

October 19, 2018

This week I have the pleasure of speaking to Dan Blows ,Currently a tech lead, he has done some really cool stuff, he's in the top 3% on stack overflow, in the top 10% of PHP developers in Europe, speaking at meet ups , spoke in the European conference in front of 100's of people, training and mentoring junior developers and many more. He will cover why mentoring is key to becoming a great PHP developer. He will be advising Junior & Middleweight PHP developers  on the importance of mentoring and the part it plays to help you become a better PHP developer.  PHP development is hard and Dan gives advice to Junior & Middleweight PHP developers on how they can progress in their career by focusing on growing their skills.