PHP Web Development Podcast with Mathew Kimani.

EP#15 What Is A Senior Developer?

September 11, 2018

This month we will be running a new session with Dan Blows ,Currently  Head of Engineering and has held positions such as Senior Developer as well as a Tech Lead. Dan  has done some really cool stuff, he's in the top 3% on stack overflow, in the top 10% of PHP developers in Europe, speaking at meet ups , spoke in the European conference in front of 100's of people, hiring, training and mentoring PHP Developers and many more. He is also currently responsible for leading a number of developers. 

In this first session we will discuss his view on what defines a Senior Developer,  some of the attributes, characteristics and skills. We will be covering questions such as How important is communication skills for a Senior Developer? How many years do you need to have in order to be classed as a Senior Developer? Would contracting accelerate your journey as a Senior Developer? and many more.